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Klipdrift Premium


Klipdrift Premium is the result of the Master Distiller’s dedication to crafting the smooth, FULL-BODIED BRANDY enjoyed today. Made by skilfully blending and an extended maturation period of 3 year old brandy and older.
Voted World’s Best Brandy 2016
  • Full-bodied, but smooth with a variety of flavors that perfectly combine to create a lingering and supple finish.
  • ( ja…met eish )

Color: Amber
Nose: Aromas of cedar, tobacco and warm spices with apple and walnut undertones

The Craft
Finest quality grapes and expert distillation create the soul of Klipdrift Premium. Followed by maturation, where the brandy is aged in French Oak Casks, before being meticulously blended in vintage copper pot stills.

How to Enjoy
Best savored as is, with ice to add a slight chill.

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750ml, 25.4 fl.oz


1 Bottle