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Six Dogs Pinotage Stained Gin


Six Dogs Pinotage is the love child of Six Dogs gin and our neighbour’s highly prized block of pinotage grapes. The gin itself is distilled in small batches through generous quantities of juniper and fresh citrus. It is then placed in tanks together with handpicked whole pinotage grapes for a period of several weeks to allow the gin to extract the deep red essence of this truly South African cultivar. Unique in terms of the process used, Six Dogs Pinotage combines flavour and character in such a way as to appeal to both gin and wine lovers around the world.

  • Pinotage Grape Stained
  • juniper and citrus infused
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Pinotage Stained, the love child of Six Dogs gin and our neighbour’s handpicked pinotage grapes, embodies the freshness of a classic dry gin that is enhanced with the infusion of a
uniquely South African cultivar. Sip it and you’ll taste notes of black cherry, plum and blackcurrant, with some tannin for structure and complexity. Each year’s harvest of grapes
may bring subtle variants in taste and colour, however the juniper-forward flavour is consistent with each batch.

Fun fact: Look closely at the box and you’ll notice the subtle outline of the African continent, alluding to the uniquely South African cultivar.

Perfect serve: Enjoy it neat over ice or dilute with a splash of good tonic to create a fusion of terroir, cultivar and fine gin. If you enjoy adding garnish, we recommend frozen red grapes or a slice of fresh citrus. Pinotage also pairs well with an artisanal cheese board.

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